ALL SHRED Customer Testimonials


Jeff J.     5/4/2015     10:42 AM

From Cross Financial Services

My companies have been using All Shred Document Solutions for over 10 years. I also recommend them to our financial institution clients as a secure document and electronic media destruction service to comply with federal privacy regulations. All Shred's staff are highly competent and courteous. Most importantly, I don't have to worry about who may see our confidential information.

Sarah S.     4/20/2015     12:41 AM

From Brownsburg, IN

I am writing to recommend the services of All Shred Document Solutions. Brownsburg Community School Corporation has been using their services for the past 10 years. We have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and available for emergency services. Brownsburg School Corporation has 10 buildings with multiple containers in each building. All Shred also does the school records mass destruction which is approved by the county. I am very appreciative of their ability to do on-site shredding.

I am happy to recommend the services of All Shred Document Solutions.

    4/5/2015     8:50 AM

From Otolaryngology Associates, LLC.

Two years ago when we decided to see what other options existed for document destruction service providers we were introduced to All Shred. We have not second guessed the decision to switch our business to them. With 16 offices spread among 10 counties, not all providers can handle that reach. We have found their pricing to be competitive and their service to be exemplary.

    3/11/2015     9:14 AM

From Horizon Bank

It has been my privilege to know and work with Curt for over ten years. I believe we were one of the first customers for his company, All Shred, and it has truly been a great relationship. Periodically, we hold shred days for our customers so they can securely destroy their sensitive documents. I hear nothing but positive comments regarding how helpful his staff is. I highly recommend you to use All Shred for your document destruction needs.

Brenda W.     3/5/2015     12:24 PM

From Indianapolis, IN

I had 2 boxes of loose documents that needed to be shredded. They brought a big trash can to my door and put the documents in there and shredded them before they even drove off. They were awesome! They were really nice, they called ahead time like they said they would and ended up being early which was perfect!

Jennifer R.     2/18/2015     2:00 PM

From Indianapolis, IN

They came to my residence to shred about 5 bags of papers, etc. Very efficient and friendly receptionist that scheduled for me. I was told when the guy came out to shred the documents that since I was so close to their location, I could save quite a bit by taking it to them myself and shredding it at their location. I will do this in the future. All around, it was a great experience since I had so much I needed to get rid of that was piling up from the past 10 years.

Madonna H.     1/13/2015     1:52 PM

From Beech Grove, IN

I took a box of papers to be shredded and the lady at their office took the box and shredded. I would use their services in the future. Thank you.

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